Brazilian Chapter
Information about the Brazilian Chapter of the BRICS Women's Business Alliance
  • Ana Costa
    Head of Working Group on Inclusive Economy
    Vice President of Legal Affairs
    Natura & Co
  • Monica Monteiro
    Chairperson of BRICS WBA Brazilian Chapter
    Pay TV Bandeirantes Group
  • Andrea Almeida
    Head of Working Group on Innovative Development
    Vice President of Finance and Strategy
    Santander Brazil
  • Tania Reis
    Head of Working Group on Healthcare
    Grupo Serpa
  • Viviane Saraiva
    Head of Working Group on Creative Industries and Tourism
    Chief Financial Officer
    Queiroz Galvão
Initiatives and Projects
National Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
The Forum has the following goals:

• To recommend guidelines to expand women's representation in the Industry System's structure;
• To contribute to the formulation of policies aimed at stimulating women's entry into the labor market and rise to management and leadership positions;
• To contribute to the development and formulation of policies for skills development, as well as training and qualification for women;
• To establish a collaboration network to expand opportunities for women-led enterprises.

The Forum will be composed of senior-level women entrepreneurs, including its president Mônica Monteiro, invited member of the WBA, and up to 29 members, among them all the other members of the chapter