BRICS Best Women's Startups Contest
June 4 - July 31, 2024
About the contest
The BRICS Women's Business Alliance invites everyone to participate in the BRICS Best Women's Startups Contest.
  • About the project
    The contest is aimed at identifying and promoting women's startups in BRICS member countries and stimulating women's motivation to participate in entrepreneurial activities
  • Goal
    To select the best women's startups of the BRICS member countries with the prospect of their scaling up in the BRICS markets
  • Task
    To select the most efficient startups with considerable commercial and innovative potential
Stages of the contest
June 3
The official launch of the contest
June 4 - July 31
Accepting and verification of applications
August 1 - 30
Consideration of applications by the Selection committee
September 1
Announcement of winners
Terms of participation in the contest
The terms of participation in the BRICS Best Women's Startups Contest 2024 include a number criteria
  • Criteria for participation
    The competition is open to women from BRICS countries over 18 years of age who are developing and implementing innovative, original projects with commercialization prospects for scaling up in the BRICS countries
  • Business projects nominations
    Based on the submitted business projects contest participants are selected in the following nominations:
    • IT
    • Education
    • Health and Medicine
    • Ecology
    • Food security and agriculture
    • Innovation and infrastructure
    • Artificial intelligence
  • Project requirements
    • Quality presentation of the project;
    • Demo-version of the project (availability of a prototype, a functioning digital platform/website, application, etc.);
    • Capitalization potential in the international market;
    • Project implementation strategy in the international market;
    • Rate of return of the project;
    • Marked competitive and/or technological edge;
    • Social value, inclusivity;
    • Innovativeness
How to participate?
Register on the website
Fill in the application form to participate
Attach the presentation of the project
Apply to participate
Make your idea real: Apply to participate and launch your business with the BRICS Best Women's Startups Contest 2024